Tuesday, August 16, 2011


OK so every time I get on tumblr I see all these pics about girls and why they feel certain ways, like if a girl crys it mean….STOOPPPP if you cry that means you're sad stop trying to make shit deeper than what it really is. Or when you see something like guys dont be the reason why she doesn't trust guys well to be honest you girls pick the most asshole of guys like you had one bad ex then go out with another whos just like him then wonder why you keep getting fucked over. -__- you just went out with the same guy only difference was his name and face. and guys wtf you people are like the lowest form of existence on earth. you compliment and defend these girls you will never meet. trust me if a anon is being a dick then theirs nothing you or her can do cause their anon. and you guys like to post dumb shit like girls are bitches, well as a guy you always end up with 2. the one who your attracted to but her personality sucks and the one you like and is sweet and caring but you choose the bitch then whine when shit dont work out. as far as that sweet caring girl goes I'm sorry dumbass didnt see you but keep your head up cause when you find some boy whos looking at you for you and not your looks then no matter what you look like he will always love you. and for the rest of you, you people need to start making better choices cause your self pity shit is getting kinda old.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


So lately, I've been listening to this band called Of Mice and Men
and... They're pretty awesome.
If you haven't heard of them I suggest taking a listen because.. It's well worth it.
Something about Austin Carlile's screams makes the band worth listening to, and the original riffs take it to a better turn instead of the same old Chop riffs we hear from our generic bands now-a-days.

They have 2 Albums released, and I suggest listening to them.
If you're familiar with Austin Carlile in Attack Attack!, then definitely give these guys a chance.


You ever wonder why people enjoy pain?
It was always weird to me.
People always find some way to go from being happy, to being unhappy.
But then again, what does it mean to be happy?
I wish I knew but I'm far from it. I've put myself in situations that aren't... the easiest to get out of.
I hate it.
But what can we do?
Life moves on.
And hopefully, we can get through this...